CHAM Azores is a research and development unit of the University of the Azores and is the nucleus of the inter-university research center CHAM – Centre for the Humanities, School of Social Sciences and Humanities of NOVA University Lisbon (NOVA FCSH) and of the University of the Azores (UAç).

The CHAM Azores is funded by FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia) and by DRCT (Direção Regional da Ciência e Tecnologia of Azores Government). Its mission is to promote high-level scientific research, the production and dissemination of knowledge in the field of History, Culture, Heritage, Literature and the History of Ideas, as well as the modes of thinking and cultures, on a global scale, seeking to encourage reflections and new contributions to comparative History, in general, and the History of the Azores, in particular.

Our goals are:

a) The development, promotion and in-depth studies on Portuguese History and Culture, as well as the presence of the Portuguese in the world;

b) The study of the nexus between Europe and The Atlantic on the History of Portugal and The Azores, along several periods of time;

c) The research on the key concepts, modes of thinking and cultures on a global scale;

d) The research on global history from a multidisciplinary perspective, from ancient times do present days