Our Objectives

Atlantic Conference: History, Culture and Heritage



A multidisciplinary scientific meeting to be held every two years at the University of the Azores and possibly in other locations that allow decentralisation of the work.
In each Edition there will be a different specific theme.


Propuse I

This meeting aims to bring together, in different panels, scholars and experts to analyse, problematise and debate the topics under consideration. In the first edition, held in 2021, the theme is "Leisure, Travel and Tourism".


Propuse II

This Conference also aims to promote the internationalization of CHAM Azores and the Academy, as well as the creation of networks that may lead to research projects and publications.



FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia) - CHAM Strategic Project (FCSH - Nova / UAc), Ref.ª UIDB/04666/2020.
DRCT (Direção Regional da Ciência e Tecnologia) - DRCT M1.1.a/009/Funcionamento/2020 (CHAM)

Latest news

Scientific and Organizing Committee

Isabel Soares Albergaria (CHAM/Univ. dos Açores)

Irene Vaquinhas (Univ.de Coimbra)

João Paulo Oliveira Costa (CHAM/FCSH – U. Nova de Lisboa)

Margarida Vaz do Rego Machado (CHAM/Univ. dos Açores)

Maria Helena da Cruz Coelho (CHSC – Univ. de Coimbra)

Maria Izilda Matos (PUC – S. Paulo – Brasil)

Susana Serpa Silva (CHAM/Univ. dos Açores)

Ana Cristina Correia Gil (CHAM/Univ. dos Açores)

Duarte Nuno Chaves (CHAM/Univ. dos Açores)

Leonor Sampaio da Silva (CHAM/Univ. dos Açores)

Lia Gomes (CHAM/Univ. dos Açores)

Margarida Vaz Rego do Machado (CHAM/U. dos Açores)

Rute Dias Gregório (CHAM/Univ. dos Açores)

Rosemary Sweet

University of Leicester – UK

Keynote Speaker
Robert Beck

Université de Tours – France

Keynote Speaker